The future of Adobe flash platform

By Megaloman

I have been using Adobe flash platform, especially Flex framework, Air and Flash player for years. It was really great framework with lots of possibilities. Actionscript3 has a very straightforward and clean programming model. Flashplayer realtime is one of the best virtua lmachines ever programmed.. And now, everything is gone.. Maybe you were the guy who loved flex for its potential a its power of rapid prototyping and very clean development model at all. Maybe you just loved the tooling around the flex. And maybe you hated it. What is your experience with flex? Can we cry together?

Hackaton (Enterprise edition)

By Megaloman

If you look at wiki what does "h4ck4t0n" mean, you probably get an explanation that "a hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others in the field of software development, like graphic designers, UI designers and others collaborate intensively on software projects." That is kind of cool idea to get minds of technology-obsessed freaks on full-throttle.

Gamification tip: Counting bad words in openspace

By Megaloman

How to avoid a child to say bad words

Maybe you know it.. The code is not compiling, you cannot find a bug, your customers want to change feature specification two days before project deadline and production release... There is always an "opportunity" for swearing. Worse, if you are multiple father and as the time goes you spoil not only yourself, but you start using same vocabulary in the presence of children. Even worse if you work in militarist openspace, which are know to be superspoiled with superbad words.

So we decided to fight against it. The "bad words game" is easy to implement. You have to entrust somebody reliable to keep statistic of bad words being said. There is no need for something sofisticated, just tell your assistant to make a point for every bad word said by employee and make weekly report of most vulgar team member. As a next level you can consider any form of monetization of your game. You can weekly collect some amount of money for three most vulgar persons. Be sure it will work.

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